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Hawaiian sun drinks

Imported directly from Hawaii

Strawberry  Liliko

Pineapple Orange

Liliko Passion

Strawberry Guava

Tropical Iced tea

Mango Orange

Luau Punch

Coca Cola products & more

Coca Cola bottle

Diet Coke Bottle

Orange fanta Bottle

Sprite Bottle

Pineapple Fanta Bottle

Cherry Coke Bottle

Coconut juice can

Water bottle 

Burgers & Gyros     

Double bacon cheese Burger

Cheese burger

Bacon cheese burger

Classic Greek Gyro

Veggie Burger

mushroom burger

Stop N Go burger

B.B.Q burger

Sharing bites

Perfect for Movies,  meeting & more

pot sticker

Stuffed popper

Spam Musubi

made to order two pieces

Spring rolls

three pieces served with chili sauce

French Fries

Mac Salad 8 oz 

Brown Gravy

Side two eggs

Stir fried vegetables

White Rice 

One Meat  platter

Served with two scoops of rice & one scoop of  macaroni salad

( unless noted )

Make spicy $0.50

Subtitute yakisoba noodle instead rice or mac salad $2

add a scoop of mac salad $1.50

add veggies $2

Chicken Teriyaki

Marinated chicken in teriyaki sauce

charbroiled to perfection

Shoyu Chicken

Traditional Hawaiian pulled chicken

with fresh ginger flavor served with veggies

Orange Chicken

Deep fried fresh pieces of chicken

drenched in our orange sauce.

Pineapple Chicken

Deep fried pieces of chicken drenched 

in our orange sauce, topped with

crushed pineapple.

Chicken Wings

Drenched Chicken wings dipped in your

choice of either; sweet garlic, orange,

classic buffalo, or B.B.Q. sauce


New York Teriyaki​

Served with two scoops of rice one scoop mac salad n veggies.

Kalbi Ribs

Thin sliced beef ribs

Served with two scoop of rice N one scoop of mac salad.                         

Surf  & Turf*

Stir fried yakisoba noodles with 

vegetables, shrimp and chicken.

Loco Moco

Favorite Hawaiian breakfast.

Ground beef patty smothered in brown gravy, over a bed of rice & mac salad.

Kalua Pig

Traditional Hawaiian pulled pork

slowly cooked for twelve hour

served rice and mac salad

Island two meat combo

Make  spicy $1

Maui Combo

Chicken Teriyaki, pineapple chicken

rice, mac salad & stir fried veggies.

Honolulu Combo

Garlic Chicken, kalua pig, rice, 

mac salad & stir fried veggies.

Aloha Combo

Orange Shrimp, Shoyu chicken,

rice, mac salad & stir fried veggies.

Mgwalexs Shrimp Combo

Garlic shrimp, orange shrimp,

rice, mac salad & stir fried veggies.

Spectacular Three meat combo

make it spicy $1

Mgwalexs Meat Lover Combo

Kalbi Ribs, orange shrimp, 

shoyu chicken. Rice, mac salad & kimchi

State 808

Two pieces of spam musubi, garlic chicken, chicken teriyaki, yakisoba noodle,

mac salad & kimchi.

Express Combo

Chicken teriyaki, kalua pig, shoyu 

chicken. Rice, mac salad, two veggie 

spring rolls & kimchi.

Catering Menu

Call us for a quote 

Pick up only

    half 5 to 8 people

full pan 20 to 25 people

Chicken teriyaki

Kalua pig

Shoyu Chicken

Yakisoba Noddle

Stir fried Vegetable

Spam Musubi

Catering items required 1/2 deposit 3 days in advance + 20% employees tip out

Sweet Garlic Chicken

Orange chicken

Pineapple Chicken

Hawaiian Macaroni salad

White Rice

French fries

Vegetable spring roll

Pot sticker Pork

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4549 NE Cully Blvd Portland OR 97218

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